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Please check back in mid-January 2020 for information about summer memberships for the 2020 season.

If you have any questions, please contact the membership chairperson: Alisa MacAvoy 

Summer members pay a one-time fee for one season of access to the Lake, generally from Memorial

Day weekend to Labor Day weekend.   Due to the size of our beach and the limited parking available, we limit the number of summer members accepted each year. 


There are Active and Associate status members as well.  As specified in the Emerald Lake Country Club Charter, the Lake is owned by 50 Active member families who pay an initiation fee upon joining and an annual dues fee.  Active members must contribute 16 work hours each year to help maintain the Lake 

and run Lake events.  Active members have additional access privileges such as after-hours access and the ability to host private parties.


Associate status is a stepping stone to Active membership.  Associates contribute work hours and gain

additional Lake privileges while waiting for a spot to open up on the Actives list.  


Lately, we have had an increased interest in summer members wanting to become Associate members leading to an Active membership.   If you want to get involved and help around Emerald Lake we welcome your involvement, but due to increased interest and limited spots, we are not able to promise any movement to Associate or Active membership at this point.


If you have any questions about membership or would like to get on the Want-to-be Associate list, please contact Alisa Macavoy. We fill Associate and Active memberships as they become available but we have openings very infrequently.