Lake Season 2021 

New and past members (Pre-2019) apply here!

New summer members will be able to apply to the waitlist starting February 1st via this link on the website. It will stay open for the month of February. We will not be doing first come first serve, so please just express your interest via the link some time in February.  Thanks so much for your interest in our lake membership. Any questions, please contact Nick at

Our plan is to open Memorial Day weekend 2021 for the summer either with Covid health protocols in place again or in a more "normal" way depending on Covid levels in the local community. We had a different but successful summer season last year with our health protocols and reservation system in place. Families still swam in the lake and relaxed at the beach in their private zones. We will do this again if necessary.  Or if we can, we will open in a more free way. Please do your part and wear a mask and get the vaccine when available. We are all in this together.


Thanks for your interest!

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