5 0 0     L a k e     B  o u l e  v a r d ,     E m e r a l d   H i l l s    C A    9 4 0 6 2 

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The Lake is closed for the 2019 swimming season.

We will start accepting summer membership applications in February for the 2020 summer season.  Returning summer members will have priority and will be sent an email with the application by February 1st. If you do not get the email by Feb 2nd, please contact us.  Your application will be due by Feb 10th. For new prospective summer members, the application process will start February 24th


Please check back here in mid-January for additional information. We will sell out of memberships again, so it will be important to follow the process as outlined in January in order to be considered.


Thanks for another wonderful season!