In order to continue to have a safe and healthy fish population and keep our ELCC members safe, here are the rules to be followed:

  • Fishing is only allowed during the non-swim season (mid-September through mid-May). All those fishing must be accompanied by an Active or Associate member.

  • No fishing or casting in the shallow swim area, beach or walkway.

  • Avoid casting into the ropes that connect each raft.

  • Do not bring any tackle onto the main beach area. Setup/ breakdown should be done before arriving or on the adult beach. Pick up and properly discard all trash tackle.  


  • Ages 15 and under must always be accompanied by an Active or Associate member.

  • Only use artificial lures. Salmon eggs are allowed, but no live bait or human food (marshmallows, hot dogs, etc)

  • Use only single hook lures. No double or triple hook lures.

  • Only barbless hooks are allowed. If using barbed hooks, the barb must be crimped down flush with the shank.

  • No steel leaders are allowed.

  • Do not fish for our sturgeon.

  • All gear you brought in must be taken out when you leave. No storage is allowed at the Lake.

  • We are a “catch and release” Lake. When you catch a fish and want to take a picture of it, do so quickly and gently, then release it back in the water gently.

  • Please be mindful of NOT leaving any hooks or lines at the beach or in the water.  If you find hooks, please clean them up.


  • If you see someone not following these rules, please let them know about the rules so we can keep our Lake open for fishing for many years to come.